Accounting professionals are regulated for AML-CFT Compliance. We perform AML-CFT audits for accounting Firms to ensure they comply with the AML CFT Requirements.

Legal - Law Firms & Conveyancing

We perform Trust account audits for Law firms and conveyancers to ensure firms meet thier Law Society Obligations. We also perform AML-CFT audits for compliance with the AML-CFT Act 2009 section 59(2) requirements.

Real Estate

We perform Trust account audits for Real Estate Agents in compliance with the Real Estates Authority's (REA) regulations. We also perform AML-CFT complinace with the AML-CFT Act 2009 section 59 (2).


The new reporting and auditing regulations affecting charities require them to prepares financial statements in prescribed format based on their tier. This is based on their expenditure. Tier 1,2,and 3 charities require an audit to be performed. Tier 4 charities can have a review done if heir expenditure is greater than $500k for the last two consecutive years if their revenue is below $2m, unless if their charity rules require an audit. Charities with expenditure in excess of $2m are to be audited. We perform audits and reviews for charities. We perform financial statement audits for charities to ensure they meet their compliance needs per the regulations.

Financial Services

We provide consulting services for regulatory reporting. Our expertise in the financial services regulatory sector has helped insurance companies of varying sizes meet their regulatory reporting obligations with the Reserve Bank and and other stakeholders.